For over  30 years we have been involved in the construction, development and sales of homes in Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. 

We are members of  Internatchi and are Certified Professional Inspectors

We have participated in over 1,000 Real Estate Transactions including  New  and  mature homes.

We are Professionally Certified Inspectors in Ohio and Michigan by the Professional Home Inspection Institute.

Our objective is to provide a fair and honest inspection that treats all parties with respect and excellent service

We welcome buyer participation in your inspection.  Our goal is to help you as the buyer understand fully your operating systems and their operating functions. 

We identify condition of the home including defects both major and minor and carefully explain the difference between the two. 

We accept cash ,checks and all major credit cards prior to the inspection.  We are happy to e-mail the inspection agreement for your review prior to the appointment.

Home inspector

William "Bill" Loomis has over 30 years sold, built and developed various types of Real Estate.  With over 1,000 transactions he has the experience to know the difference between a major defect and a minor defect.  Use  over 30 years of experience to inspect your home, you will be glad you did!

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What  can Thermal Imaging do ?  More than the naked eye!

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Our Mission

Is to provide excellent service that is fair to both the buyer and seller in a timely manner.  Call us today and we WILL be back with you today!

Your home is likely to be your largest investment.  A Home inspection is today's best investment, call today!

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